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freestyle #1

pad & pen get excersice on the mic
keep the lines & rhymes tight no celulite
im out to chase a dream so i set my sights
like a lampshade haters try to dim ya light
makin change in the booth like a payphone
in this game im the truth & the lies wrong
everlastin like stride keep the flavor strong
like brady to moss boy im in ya zone

yeah, green all around me, so theres weed all around me/call me mr. smoke out these trees all around me/smokin on my throne„ like a king i be crownin/niggas sting? i buzz like bee’s all around me/find it so easily, black in a room wit whites/you can barely hold it but sayin that u do it right/footnote nigga tell yo friends who they be fuckin wit/starin rite into the cops witta blunt in pubbbalic(public)/i’m nothin sick, but i’m fly like theraflu/smokin potter…. like harry do/ UGHH

hello there: 11:15 a story from Holden and Vikas.



So one day theres this kid named garry but we dont know his real name cause he hides it and he plays this one game under water and his best friend is zootie and they love to play disc pool. So im sitting in class with a bunch of faggets we got a a class thats real diverse we got indians,asians, we…

\ so im guessing you’re using a proxy too lol
lol where are you?
wtf i was next to u when u were writing it


in fourth period right now writing a research paper on bullies haha hella gay
fucking hella bored =/ but at lunch we were talkin about zack and miri make a porno haha funny as hell
but right now im bored as shit writing this gay essay
gtg peace tumblr


1. woke up at like 8 ish

2. had to go do hella yard work

3. ate and icecream XD

4. called jessi and made some plans lol

5. took a shower

6. ate some bomb food

7. listen to music

8. wait for my mom to dye her hair

9. driving to go see my baby girl


woke up at 12

took a shower and got ready

went to emals

ate some food (hella good)

waited for my bebeh to call and get to mossdale

went to target

walked around for a little bit

at some chicken strips XD

came back to jessi’s house <3

almost fell asleep on her bed

now im just on the computer waiting for her to get ready to go to dinner =D

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